To Take A Picture Of A Prime Minister

People always want to know how it came about that after only 18 months of being in Israel, I was appointed as Official Photographer to Prime Minister and, at that time leader of the opposition, Benjamin Netanyahu, for the 2009 Israeli Election Campaign. Well, like the way these things usually happen, it was being in the right place at the right time, and luck, it may have also had a little to do with the 23 years that proceeded it as a professional photographer, where I learned as all photographers need to, the meaning of commitment, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, practice, skill and most of all the desire to want to be able to take a picture. I am sure any of us that have a passion for truly great Photojournalism and Reportage photography, not to mention world history, can remember the amazing and exclusive pictures of American Presidential Candidate Barak Obama which were … [Read More...]

World Leaders



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